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Aside from being a server, one of my other job’s at Happy’s is to work at the counter, which basically entails scooping the icecreams that  the servers need for their tables and taking orders from customers who want food or icecream to go.  During an ideal shift, servers would ring in icecreams correctly and I would make whatever it says on the slip. During an actual shift,  the servers are usually too fzzled to ring in icecreams and shout out what they need as their running back and forth between the service aisle and the dining room.  Or whenever they do find a moment to ring something in,  it is almost never correct. There are few things more annoying than making 8 sundaes to perfection, only to hear the server say.

“Oops, I’m sorry, those were supposed to be made in to go cups.”   Because they couldn’t be bothered to hit the ‘to go’ button. Or,

“Oops,those weren’t supposed to get whipped cream!”

Another thing that really bothers me about working the counter,  is the fact that sometimes you feel like you’re caught in a whole and can’t dig yourself out.  At times, especially in warm weather, I will have a line out the door of the restaurant. On top of that.. I’ll have a line to the parking lot at the icecream window.  And to make things even more delightful,  I will have 5 impatient servers all demaning that they need their icecreams right now. Now in my opinion if you have time to stand there and whine and complain about how fast you need icecreams, wouldn’t it make sense to make them yourself when you can see that the person working at the counter clearly will not get to them any time soon? When I’m waiting tables I make my own icecreams 90% of the time, for a few reasons. First, because if  I can make someone’s job a little easier by making my own icecreams, then why not?  Second, because I feel like i can get it done faster myself.

The worse part about it is the fact that I get stuck doing all this work for minimum wage, which is less than ten dollars an hour, while these lazy servers make at least a hundred dollars a shift, all the while complaining that they have to do things like *gasp*  clear their tables!  When I serve, I never complain about things like that, especially considering the kind of money I make on the floor.

So, you’ve probably guessed by now that I have a strong dislike for working the counter.  Something I hate even more than that, is training someone else to workthe counter.  No matter how smart/ enthusiastic the person is, they are going to slow you down. I understand that it’s perfectly normal, and that I was the same way when I first started working here, but when you’re busy it is exremely frustrating. 

So when I walked into work today, and found out that I was training someone, I was not happy, but for the rookie’s sake, I tried not to let it show.  While it was slow, I walked him through our area, and showed him where everything was. I eplained to him that it’s a good idea to stock everything, icecream, candies, topping, while it’s slow before the dinner rush.  Every so often a customer would trickle in, or a server would ring in a slip and I would explain what to do, and show him how to do it. Then I would let him try. For a while, it seemed like things were going to go smoothly.

But then the dinner rush came.

Within ten minutes the dining room was packed, servers were yelling out icecereams, and a line was forming at the carry out. Trying to take control of the situation,  I would rip slips off the printer, explain to him what he needed to make, while i handled the carry out line. But apparently the fact that we were now busy made him lose all common sense. He kept asking me questions like,

“Uhhh, which icecream is vanilla?”

“The white one.” I replied, trying desperately to keep the annoyance out of my voice. “The icecream chests are labeled, so if you read the labels you’ll know which flavor it is.”

“I still can’t find it”

At this point the customers in the the carryout line start giggling at him, and for a second I can’t decide who I’m more irritated with, them for being so ignorant, or him, for being so oblivious.

Later on my manager tells me that this kid isn’t even going to be working here until april! So by the time he comes back he won’t remember anything that I tried to teach him tonight! If my manager thinks that I’m going to train him again she has another thing coming.

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